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Cleaning Instructions | Potential Charges

We appreciate you taking the time to restore the property to the condition in which you found it. This guide is meant to help tenants understand the standards which are to be met. In order to maximize your security deposit refund, please read and follow the guidelines below.

  1. Please login to your tenant portal to provide your move out date and your forwarding address for the return of your security deposit.
  2. Pay your last month’s rent on or before the 1st, the security deposit cannot be used for rent.
  3. Please leave the utilities on until the end of your lease period.
  4. Return all keys, remotes, access cards, etc. Leave the premises undamaged, beyond normal wear and tear.

When working thru the process of moving out, pay particular attention to each of these items, as these are the most common charges we see upon move out. Your move out charges may include items not shown below, depending on the property, condition, and others factors.



We strongly recommend that you hire an approved professional cleaning service for move out. If you want to hire one of our approved vendors, please call for their phone number.

  1. Remove all furniture and personal property from the house, yard, and garage.
  2. Clean and sweep all closets & storage areas and remove all hangers and debris.
  3. Remove all personal items, trash, debris, and packing materials from property. Remove all trash from the house, yard, and garage. The trash barrels must be empty when the property is turned over. You cannot leave the trash barrels for pickup after you leave. A trash hauling fee will be charged if trash is left behind.
  4. Clean all appliances thoroughly, including but not limited to oven, stove, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.
    • Both the stove and refrigerator must be pulled out and cleaned on the top, sides, back and underlying floor. Be careful not to tear any vinyl flooring when pulling appliances out.
    • Do not use harsh cleansers on the appliance surfaces. It will damage the finish.
    • Run the oven on self clean cycle and finish cleaning interior after cycle is done.
    • Clean the stove drip pans (replace if necessary) and underneath the stove top. Use a non-abrasive pad and cleanser on ceramic and glass cook tops.
    • Clean the oven hood and vent filter. Wash metal screens in dishwasher or replace. The inside of the hood must be thoroughly cleaned.
    • Garbage disposal must be clean of debris.
    • All hard water stains and crust are to be removed from faucets, refrigerator water dispensers, and sinks. This can take quite a while.
    • Unplug refrigerator and thoroughly clean entire interior. This may require the removal of shelving in order to do properly. Leave doors propped open if refrigerator is left unplugged.
    • Wipe out all drawers and remove any contact paper. Wipe down all shelves. The cabinet doors and drawers are to be wiped down with cleaner made for use on wood.
    • Replace any burned out appliance bulbs.
  5. Clean all bathrooms thoroughly. Use disinfectant.
    • Clean bathroom(s) thoroughly including ALL fixtures, mirrors, cabinets, walls and floors
    • Clean around and behind toilet and toilet seat. All hard water marks and stains in the bowls must be removed.
    • Clean and remove any mildew on the tile, shower, and tub.
    • Clean all glass and mirrors.
    • Clean all bathroom exhaust fans, light bulbs, and fixtures.
    • Remove all hard water stains from showers, faucets, shower doors, and sinks.
  6. Do NOT clean the carpets. We will have that done after you moveout.
  7. If there is a fireplace, and it has been used, the firebox must be free of ash and unburned debris. The firebox and mantle must be cleaned of burned on smoke. There may be a charge for having the firebox and chimney cleaned.
  8. Clean or dust all horizontal surfaces, including, but not limited to: blinds, ceiling fans, light fixtures, built-in shelves, baseboards, tops of doors, tops of drywalled niches, tops of cabinets, and anything else that will collect dust or dirt. Be sure all blinds & screens are clean/undamaged. This is the most commonly overlooked item.
  9. All windows must be cleaned, both inside and out. The screens must be hosed down to remove dust and dirt. The window tracks must be thoroughly cleaned. A wet vac and cleaning spray with brush works well for this.
  10. All light switches, electric outlets, and switchplates must be cleaned. Generally, a toothbrush works well for this purpose. If you are concerned about electrical shock, turn off the power at the electrical panel before doing this cleaning.
  11. Clean and mop all ceramic tile using appropriate cleaners for tile. In addition, a final hot water rinse is required otherwise the floors will remain sticky.
  12. Clean and strip all vinyl flooring. A final hot water rinse is mandatory. Put two coats of high gloss high solids wax on vinyl after final rinse.
  13. Wash down all walls to remove fingerprints and stains. The 3M magic eraser pads work well.
  14. Wipe down all doors including front door. Wash door handles thoroughly.
  15. Remove all picture hooks, nails or screws from the walls. DO NOT spackle or touch-up paint. If you attempt to spackle holes and do touchup painting, in general we have to go back and repaint entire walls at your expense.
  16. Sweep the patios/deck area and garage. Remove any oil stains from concrete. Also remove stains from concrete driveway. If you can’t remove the stains, you will need to have the concrete powerwashed.
  17. Clean all hvac registers. Usually they can be vacuumed and wiped down. If they are very dirty, they have to be removed and cleaned.
  18. Replace the hvac filter with a new 90 day type.
  19. Replace all burned out bulbs in the house, garage, and outside and clean fixtures.
  20. All weeds must be pulled in front, back, and side yards. Gravel must be raked to be free of debris. If you want to use one of our landscapers, please call for the number.


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You may be charged for the following items which include, but are not limited to:

  • Not returning all keys, door openers, etc. that were issued to you at move-in
  • Any damaged, broken and or missing items that were NOT listed on your move–in inspection
  • General house cleaning
  • Clean appliances
  • Repair laminate countertop burns
  • Clean cabinets inside & out or clean out fireplace
  • Sweep & mop or vacuum floor
  • Replace drip pans
  • Clean full bathrooms
  • Remove stickers from tub, mirror, door or wall surface
  • Replace stained or broken toilet seat
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Remove or patch carpet stain or damage
  • Clean or replace mini-blinds or replace HVAC filter
  • Vertical blinds beyond repair
  • Wallpaper damage
  • Wall repair (ex: doorknob hole/dent; any hole >2mm)
  • Repaint (per wall) – all wall repair requires painting the wall; walls and ceilings that are dirty, marked, scuffed, etc; if you paint and patch with a color that does not match.
  • Trash, furniture, junk removal/disposal (extra fee for paint, chemicals, tires, etc)
  • Garage floor or driveway pressure wash for Oil and/or other stains
  • Mow lawn or clean out flowerbed (each bed)
  • Replace doors due to damage
  • Replace door stops, bulbs, outlet covers
  • Clean windows & screens
  • Clean vents/ceiling fans
  • Clean Dirty furnace and/or replace ac filters
  • Rekey locks changed by tenant
  • Replace mailbox, gate or pool keys
  • Landscape major clean up
  • Replace carpet & pad due to stains/damage/pet odor
  • Flea treatment (per visit – multiple visits necessary)
  • Replace garage/gate remotes, pool card, etc
  • Replace damaged/torn/missing screens

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